Monday, November 29, 2010

Those that went before?

Hey, Farthing-Warings!

WE are so jealous of the awesome time you are having I feel obliged to remind ourselves of the brief taste we had of an area you may be about to pass through!

The place I am referring to is part of William Bay NP called Greens Pool. All the beaches along the coast here looked gorgeous (includes Madfish Bay - from which Madfish wine took its name) but it was Greens Pool where we spent a gorgeous 1.5 hours en route from Albany > Denmark > Gloucester  > Dunsborough.

What Kath & I hadn't noticed (Ben & Ves, 2 hrs ahead of us did) was that a few hundred metres to the east was the spot called Elephant Rocks which looks special as well.

'hope you get there!

PS - you may also see a bird-sized creature that has 4 wings and 6 legs to add to the list....

One of Ves & Ben's pictures of Elephants Rocks. Greens Pool is below.

Views of Greens Pool.

Honest, I reckon it was 30mm across

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ellen's November

A busy month culminated in Ellen's drama group concert. Here's Ellen in the finale of the Mary Poppins medley.

Here she is in the spotlight reciting Dragon into Dressing Gown (see below).

And then, playing the part of a .... now I need to get this right.... a young child who, when trapped by an evil witch, was transformed into one paling of a gingerbread man fence. The fence, nearing completion, would soon make the evil witch all-powerful. At the last moment (just as Hansel & Gretel, Snow White & Little Red Riding Hood were also being threatened with gingerbreadification) the secret service big guns, including RRH's grandmother and a door-mouse on a skateboard saved the day.

They did this of course by contacting their old friend, Harry Potter.

Speaking of whom, did you know Hermione Granger actually went to St Thomas the Apostle, School of Witchcraft & Wizardry?

Ellen's "Famous in Friday" choice was the actress Emma Watson.

Would the real Ellen please step forward? Ahh there she is (should you really be getting so attached to that pooch?) .....

Dragon into Dressing Gown (by Russell Hoban)

I know a dragon - dark and green - 
He’s quote the handsomest I’ve seen - 
Who (sometimes less and sometimes more)
Lives just behind my bedroom door
And (sometimes less but often more)
That dragon just behind the door
Rolls one eye up and one eye down 
And turns into my dressing gown.

He doesn’t do it in the night
But in the early morning light
Where dragon was, there on its hook
That dressing gown gives me a look.
I’ve asked the dragon if he’d stay
And be a dragon through the day
But with a smile and with a frown
He turns into  a dressing gown.

as recited by Ellen at In Concert 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calisthenics year complete!

Hannah's calisthenics year was completed after a Presentation Night (11th Nov) and the Blackburn Calisthenics College Concert (13th Nov).

Her team had some good wins during the year, one of which earned team members a trophy at presentation night.

More to follow (when I find them again)!

One team shot (Hannah back left, standing on a step I suspect)