Monday, November 29, 2010

Those that went before?

Hey, Farthing-Warings!

WE are so jealous of the awesome time you are having I feel obliged to remind ourselves of the brief taste we had of an area you may be about to pass through!

The place I am referring to is part of William Bay NP called Greens Pool. All the beaches along the coast here looked gorgeous (includes Madfish Bay - from which Madfish wine took its name) but it was Greens Pool where we spent a gorgeous 1.5 hours en route from Albany > Denmark > Gloucester  > Dunsborough.

What Kath & I hadn't noticed (Ben & Ves, 2 hrs ahead of us did) was that a few hundred metres to the east was the spot called Elephant Rocks which looks special as well.

'hope you get there!

PS - you may also see a bird-sized creature that has 4 wings and 6 legs to add to the list....

One of Ves & Ben's pictures of Elephants Rocks. Greens Pool is below.

Views of Greens Pool.

Honest, I reckon it was 30mm across

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