Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Island

Hmmm, the first post since 2010!

Why the new interest? Methinks a planned winter holiday through the Kimberley means that a blog may have some use for a while. So the blog gets a facelift and possibly a few posts in the lead-up.

This post is titled Easter Island or more accurately "Easter at Phillip Island". Here are some pictures (thanks Micky J for several) from our few days at Phillip Island this Easter.

Is it really "A dog's life"?

Pasta from scratch

Kitty Miller Bay and the Wreck of the Speke walk

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  1. hey pete!
    thanks for the exciting beanie news :D
    i was really stoked when you left the comment! i've been trying to work out how to get back to you because your comment was a 'no-reply' email-y thing.
    i'm hoping to write a post about your comment if that's ok, when i eventually get time that is...
    thanks again!