Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Banka Banka to Mataranka

Awaking at Banka Banka we had our first morning where it wasn't brisk. It was shorts & Tshirts as we jumped in the cars for the planned drive to Mataranka.

There are a few shots from a nature trail (one of pete's birding jaunts - Grammie, you would have loved it) heading to a waterhole from Banka Banka.

The kids have proved great travellers - we have 2 in the back and 1 in the far back (they are rotating)! Sandwiches and drinks can be passed forward.

We stopped for birding reasons of the Jabiru kind at Newcastle Waters. Yes, Rich we saw two with good views. While we were there they must have both left because they weren't to be seen as we drove out!

We found ourselves refuelling at lunchtime near Daly Waters and liked the look of a shaded picnic table. We were mobbed by apostlebirds & quite happy to move on!

We've had a swim at the Mataranka thermal pool and will explore tomorrow. The sounds of John Williamson songs surround us here as we join the great aussie nomad tradition!

Tonight we are all zipped up as this friendly snake slithered through a neighbour's campsite!

Photos are from:
Banka Banka walking trail
Newcastle Waters
The snake which we now think is a Banded tree snake (aka Katherine Brown aka Night tiger)
Icy poles at Mataranka

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