Sunday, July 29, 2012

Katherine Gorge by boat

Joined about 70 others at 9am for the three gorge boat tour (4 hours).

IMG_1426 (800x600)IMG_1432 (800x600)IMG_1434 (800x600)IMG_1435 (600x800)IMG_1459 (800x600)IMG_1473 (800x600)IMG_1477 (800x600)IMG_5965 (800x600)IMG_5967 (800x600)IMG_5968 (800x600)IMG_9714 (800x533)IMG_9715 (800x533)IMG_9716 (800x533)IMG_9723 (800x533)IMG_9753 (800x533)IMG_1475 (600x800)
This Jawoyn rock art site had paintings that were 4-5 metres above where one could reach standing. Robbie said they had been dated at around 10,000 years. Zoomed images of mimi spirits and elders are shown below.
IMG_9755 (533x800)IMG_9761 (800x533)IMG_9762 (800x533)IMG_9772 (800x533)
Tour guide and pilot Robbie. A freshwater crocodile.
IMG_1420 (800x600)
Feet up for incoming water

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