Thursday, July 26, 2012


A few images which demonstrate the old adage "Like Father, Like Son". First we all enjoyed Tom's butter-on-the-outside sandwich developement. (inadvertent .... oops!)

We weren't so happy when Pete managed to drive the van too close to a camping ground star-picket....Richard and Annie, you know how you said we should expect damage to the vehicle and van? Well ummmm...... so sorry!

A bit of metal straightening, a few screws and some silicone later ....
... we have a functional & vaguely comestic result that should see us through until it can be repaired properly upon return. I may have got over it myself in that time! But I must stress to Annie & Richard that several times each day I find myself grateful and full of gratitude for the things we are experiencing thanks to their generousity.

I was helped of course by a mystery bushman ....

Ant hill or termite mound?

Codi and Ellen in Mataranka's thermal pool

"Goanna" at Bitter Springs

Some camp ground scenes....

We swam in the Roper River which flows to the Gulf of Carpenteria (after checking the crocodile signs!)

The view from the Roper River pontoon

This is tonight's campfire  (a couple of book readers in the Jayco beds)

We hope you enjoyed our Mataranka updates. Off to Katherine area tomorrow. New posts entirely dependent on signal!!!


  1. Knew the gaffa tape would come in handy. It all adds to the character of the van. Keep on having fun. The photos are great.

  2. An obvious error on the part of those giving directions, and as usual, it is us, the driver, who cops the blame! Looks like its only a scratch Pete. BTW, what was the bird out the driver's window while you were backing the car & van?