Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hannah's Narrative

We got up early, packed up and left the camp by 9am. We stopped for lunch at a petrol station near Daly Waters. Mum chose a place to eat just under a tree and it all seemed peaceful until a huge flock of apostlebirds came and landed on the tree and landed on almost anything except our table. Mum & Dad got distracted from protecting our table by a bowerbird and a few of the apostlebirds almost flew off with a Cruskit. They came so close to us that if they let us we could have touched them.

We are now at Mataranka staying in the Mataranka Homestead Resort.

Hannah's Imaginative Narrative (inspired by our snake experience!)

It had been just another of those boring, uneventful days when Mum suddenly shrieked "Snake! Snake! Snake on the table!" So we all went outside to see if there really was a snake on the table. I was there first and I saw it. It was huge, black and it had teeth as long as a knife and its fangs were as long as this book!

It was huge and could wrap itself around our car and could squeeze the life out of anything including us! We were so scared that we started screaming for help and as we did Dad, who had just come back from birdwatching, shone a torch on it. Everyone went quiet and started to laugh. It was only a toy snake!!!

Here are some drawings and images from the Stuart Hwy.

Sometimes long drives can be tiring! Hannah reading about the Devil's Marbles

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