Saturday, July 28, 2012

Top Didj (by Ellen)

Today we got up early to go to Top Didj. When we got there we were met by two wallabies called Jack and Jill. We learnt how to paint a picture and for that day we were part of the Dalabon tribe. After the painting we went to lighting a fire. It was hard. Finally we got the fire lit and went to spear-throwing. I think I was the third best (there was another family with us). It was so much fun!

At the shop I bought a flat stone with a painting of an echidna on it. After that we went for lunch at Katherine's thermal springs. I didn't enjoy the hot springs as much as I enjoyed Bitter Springs or Mataranka thermal pool. Later we came back to the caravan park and went for another swim in the pool.

Manuel telling us about the Dalabon style of painting

Dalabon connections - all the kids on this trip are sisters & brothers to each other & call both Ben & Pete "Dad"

Fire sticks in the background

The steps, not including Step 7 (called "touch 'im up")

Ben working on his creation

All our pictures! Aren't we clever? Can you match the pictures with the person?

Ellen showing how it's done!


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