Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Barking owl visits, Home Valley Station

Hannah’s view:
Last night during dinner we saw a large bird fly into a tree. It turned out to be a barking owl! It was amazing. We attracted a lot of attention. It was quite weird to be standing there surrounded by people right next to a bathroom. The owl was reddish-brown with a brown striped chest and the underside of its tail. It has white flecked wings. Its head is rather flat with yellow eyes.
Ellen’s picture:
Hannah’s imaginative narrative!
It was late in the evening and I, a barking owl, am out hunting for large insects and small reptiles and mammals. Just outside the horse stables there is a mouse. I swoop down feeling the wind roaring in my ears as I dive towards ground. Just as I stretched out my talons to grasp the mouse a horse stamped its foot and whinnied. The mouse ran into a hole in the wall and I decided to hunt near the strange lighty things where insects fly around trying to get closer to the lights. As I sit on a tree a human saw me and came with a big black thing and pointed it at me while others shone lights at me which hurt my eyes. I was confused and I sat there for a while trying to figure out what was happening. Then finally I flew away with an empty stomach.

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