Sunday, August 5, 2012

El Questro Gorge trail

We all enjoyed this amazing walking trail in the East Kimberley. It required some effort to get there with a deepish creek crossing. Kath had found herself driving Vesna and all the kids for this challenge (as the Dads were travelling separately after their boat trip on the Chamberlain River).
The heat in the car park was oppressive and we struggled to find a shady spot to have a spot of lunch. The kids were grumpy and the information signs advised us that we had a two hour return trip ahead of us with rocky scambles and creek crossings to encounter. Was it all worth it?
What a magnificent turn around we were about to experience. Within metres the track became a fun challenge for the kids with planks crossing the marshy sections of creek and blue markers to follow. Much of the walk was in the shade of palms or impressive gorge cliffs. Underfoot there was sometimes flattened, tangled roots that extended for metres lending a fantastical flavour – I half expected a hobbit to pop out from a crevice (or some sort of “land spirit”). By our side the entire time was the clear cool water of the creek, sometimes flowing in strands, other times in crystal clear pools.
Our destination was the deep rock pool described as the half way turn around point and a memorable dip was in order. People chose for their entertainment from clambering the huge boulders, swinging from tree root hanging or gazing up at the cliffs of the narrow gorge
For some parts of the trail we surrounded by a red glow, other times bathed in green.
All returned in good spirits. Especially Pete after he saw this pheasant coucal in the car park … another lifer!

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  1. Those blokes are starting to look seriously hairy! I remember the El Questro gorge being well worth the walk. And the swim was fantastic. The light in the gorge was also really something. Did you get to Zebedee springs?

    Keep posting. Annie