Thursday, August 16, 2012

The road to Middle Lagoon

Here are some pictures from our drive from Broome to Middle Lagoon.
The unsealed part of the road to Cape Leveque – a truly miserable road in sections! In this bit if you meeting an oncoming vehicle you each mount the angled shoulder to pass! Freaky!! We stopped at Beagle Bay and visited the famed mother-of-pearl decorated church there.
Proof that the kids have been to church!
Now we have left the main road and turned left towards Middle Lagoon – another 30km of corrugations and sand. In this picture the Shanavan is up ahead - now there's really no room for passing! The end result is another van full of dust!
Settling in to Middle Lagoon. The kids explore the beach at low tide (our vans can be seen on the ridge in the background)! Ben has a fish & Pete meets the locals.

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