Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Marlgu Billabong (by Hannah)

Nothing interesting happened this morning but after lunch we went to Marlgu Billabong where we saw royal spoonbill, rainbow-bee-eater, pelicans, ducks and comb-crested jacanas. Comb-crested jacanas have really long toes so they can stand on lily pads. When the jacanas get stressed their comb turns yellow and they jump in to the water with only the tops of their heads above the water to breathe.
We also saw ibis and darters which are birds with really long necks. When they stick their heads above water they look like a snake or a stick. We saw honeyeaters, cormorants and even a pied heron!
On the way home we had to drive through a grass fire! It was both scary and cool driving through the fire.
I also got to see my fifth wild brolga in my lifetime!
Rainbow bee-eater

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