Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wyndham’s Crazy Croc Man!

Text from Ellen:


Today we went to the crocodile farm at Wyndham. They had massive salt water crocs. We did the tour. In the tour we followed a man around while he talked and fed the crocodiles. They had no fresh water crocodiles - all salties. Some of the crocodiles jumped up when we came. That gave me a fright! We also saw the infants. It was amazing! The man told us about the "cone of silence" and how they collected the crocodile eggs. His mate would collect the eggs while the man would protect. The crocodiles would come at him with their mouths open and he would put the cone of silence over the bottom jaw so the croc couldn't shut its mouth. Did you know that crocodile eggs don't have a yolk and when the crocodiles lay the egg? The crocodile is already inside! Crocodiles are creatures of habit so they do roughly the same thing every day. After the tour we all got something from the shop (all the kids). Hannah got a hat, Tom got a wristband (with crocodile teeth on it), Zoe got a toy crocodile with a napkin around its neck and so did I. On the way back to Kununurra we went to Parry Lagoon and we saw four brolgas and a couple of jacanas. It was a great day.


Our guide instructs in the use of the “cone of silence”

Some croc man-“isms”

Describing his crocs:
  • “murderous”

  • “a psychopath”

  • “funnel webs in the underpants of society”
  • "it's jaws open wider than a mother-in-laws"
Describing his tour:
  • “….you’re only half an hour in and you’ve got your money’s worth – the rest is free"
After coughing productively (and before lighting up):
  • “Hmm. Better not buy a new shirt"

He was great entertainment!
Following are some scenes from Wyndham


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