Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Dusty Bar (by Tom)

Home Valley Station

Today we had dinner out at a bar in our homestead. The bar’s name was The Dusty Bar and it looked like an old restaurant. It had a tin roof that was all rusted. The floor was stone, the tables were wooden and there was lots of junky and rusted objects like wheelbarrows stuck on the walls.  There were ruined windmills and some other weird stuff that I have never seen before.
Codi vomited just before we ordered our meals so Vesna had to take her back to their caravan. For our entree we got garlic bread and the parents got a tasting platter. For our mains Hannah and Ellen got chicken breast with potato and pesto sauce. Brielle and Zoe had chicken nuggets and chips (Brielle was going to have spaghetti but it didn’t have meatballs in it). Mum and Ben had barramundi and Dad and I had seafood linguini which was a bit spicy. Everyone enjoyed their meals except Vesna and Codi.
My Dad is looking pleased because he has seen some new birds today. He reckons not many people see these ones.
Gouldian finch and Varied lorikeet

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  1. Definitely a plum head, oh sorry, that was the shot of you Pete! ok, Gouldian Finch. Fantastic. And the Varied Lorikeet too, the bird whose eyes look like you buy them from a craft shop and place them on the bird. Great story Tom, especially like the flow between the vomit and the food!