Sunday, August 5, 2012

El Questro fun

Boat hire

As well as the walking trails, other attractions of El Questro have kept us entertained. Pete and Ben hired a boat and cruised (and birded!) the Chamberlain River. Although Ben got some practice with his cast net technique (trying to get hold of some live bait) no fish were caught but the scenery and ambience were magnificent. If you’re going to fish and not catch anything then you may as well be here!
No swimming here due to the “big lizards” – this was the only sort we saw however!


Not much opportunity for this as estuarine crocodiles inhabit the Pentecost River. Certainly no-one would say it was safe to swim at our camp site. A little downstream (3.5km) there was a shallow and clear designated swim spot at the main campground.
Branko’s Lookout
To get to this magnificent lookout one has to cross the Chamberlain River and ascend a bluff for some great views. It was a 4WD test for Pete & Kath as Ben & Ves were nursing a sick Codi (or was it Zoe!?) that afternoon. We certainly would not have attempted it if it except for some reassuring words and example set by two other vehicles in front of us.
Looking upstream (south) back towards the main station area and our campground. Below (at left shows view north).
Don’t smile too much – you have to get back yet!
The river crossing was not so much about high water levels – more about a 400m stretch of rocky river bed – very slow going!

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