Monday, August 13, 2012

Tunnel Creek (by Ellen)

Today we headed to Windjana Gorge but we had two stops on the way there. First stop was at Geikie Gorge. That was a bad walk because of the sand and the burrs (prickles).
The second stop was Tunnel Creek. Tunnel Creek used to be called Cave of the Bats. It was really cool walking through water. On the way back Tom said "$10 for the first person to spot a bat". I saw a bat first. Actually I saw about 20 10 5 bats before anyone else. When we got to Windjana Gorge we played "Cops and robbers", "Everybody's It" and "Marco Polo".

Here's a video of our adventure!

Tunnel Creek was a much anticipated visit. We were thrilled to have everyone well and excited at the propsect of walking along the subterranean creek in the dark.
Resting at the other end of the tunnel.

Pointing at the bats. I was surprised by the beuaty of the cave. I wan't expecting cave formations like stalactites etc.

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  1. Hey Shanleys!!! It's Ruby! So jelly, u guys seem to be having a truly wonderful time! I remember going to Tunnel Creek, it was so fun and exciting and we found a snake skin and crocodile tracks! Hope u all continue having fun and can't wait to hear more of your travels!!! xoxo Ruby