Monday, August 13, 2012

Geikie Gorge

We packed up camp and left Fitzroy Crossing for a rather big day intending to take in Geikie Gorge and Tunnel Creek before camping at Windjana Gorge. The big unknown was the state of the Fairfield-Leopold Rd upon which we had to travel for about 100km.
There was consensus that Geikie Gorge started off OK with a pleasant visitors’ centre. The times of the boat tours weren’t going to suit so we picked a walking trail. Unfortunately it turned about to be a bit of a dusty slog through thick sand at the base of the gorge with little in the way of views. We may have chosen poorly. I suspect that visitors doing a boat tour and a shorter walk up on to the walls of the gorge may speak differently of Geikie Gorge!
And there were the prickly burrs. These were evil little critters that broke apart as you tried to extract them and spiked your fingers painfully with the finest filaments of prickle!
As Hannah was heard to say “I liked Geikie Gorge at the start but now I don’t like this place!”
Happy at first but pretty soon we are starting to deal with burrs!
Pete did feel there were a few up-sides to Geikie Gorge …
We leave the bitumen to tackle the Fairfield-Leopold Road. It turned about to be a beautiful drive. Sure there were corrugations but we actually enjoyed slowly winding around and over the ridges and getting back in to the boabs!

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