Monday, August 6, 2012

Emma Gorge

Tom’s view:

Today we went to Emma Gorge. It was a bit like El Questro Gorge but a bit smaller. It had two waterholes at the end. The first one we didn’t go in but we should have because the last one was freezing. It was so cold it was actually painful so we didn’t stay in for very long but the walk was still good. There were a few big rocks that we could climb over and two river crossings. We also saw a pheasant coucal which is a big bird that looks like a brown peacock.

Ellen’s view:

Today we packed up and went to Emma Gorge. We walked the whole gorge. The waterhole at the top was freezing!

Hannah’s view:

This morning we packed up and went to Emma Gorge. It was a 3.2 kilometre walk that ended in a waterfall where we could swim.

‘Didn’t really have the best cameras to do this place justice, but the water resistant video camera was a bit of fun to have there!

Always amazed at the ability of plants to carve an existence in what looks like solid rock but this little plant takes the cake! It has managed to establish a foothold on the underside of this rocky overhang.
Passing the first crystal clear turquoise pool, nearing the top of the gorge.

Pete videoing
Pete videoing from the rock at the other end of the waterhole.

We have had a few gorge walks now where we start off in fairly oppressive heat and hike seeking any form of shade! After a swim at the turn around point those that have taken the plunge end up quite chilled. As a result the walk back to the car in sodden clothes seems much easier!

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